“I have dealt with chronic Sciatica Nerve Pain for 30 years this month.  Have tried opiates, chiropractors, stretching and fake products with no relief. Frannys Farmacy was

recommended by a friend saying I had nothing to lose at this point.  After a couple of days

I noticed a tremendous pain relief from the  Sciatica Nerve.  First time in 30 years.”

                                                          Peggy Cambell Charlotte, NC

To ensure every one of our products meets our strict standards and ensure quality and purity, we have a 3rd party lab tests undertaken at every step of our process. All of our products have batch numbered COA’s (Certificate of Analysis)

All of our testings is done through ProVerde Laboratories as they are regarded as one of the best, accurate and reliable labs in the industry.  ProVerde Laboratories is accredited in accordance with  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 You can contact them at 617-221-3356 if you would like to check our product reports (COA) legitimacy. Learn more about ProVerde.

The raw cannabis/hemp plant material is tested before processing to verify it’s not only clean and free of pesticides but meets our required standards. We also want to ensure we meet the legal requirement of <0.3% THC at dry weight before processing.

After processing, the raw oils are then sent away for another 3rd party lab test for validation of purity, cleanliness, potency and overall quality.

Once our products come off the production line, we then send samples of each batch away for final batch tracked 3rd party testing to clarify the final product you receive meets our strict standard and is of the highest and purest quality.

We work very hard to create high quality, safe, clean and consistent products for our family and our customers. We never cut corners; we never try to save a buck.

Quality and safety is our primary concern ALWAYS!