Full Spectrum – Healing Roll On

Surrounded in a location and experiencing the pain in joints, sore muscles, or something itching on your skin, it is an extremely awkward moment that you would find yourself stuck in.

Let’s not face it as our full spectrum Healing Roll On fits perfectly well to provide you relief at the fastest rate.

Just open the lid of the 100mg Healing Roll On and roll it over the area causing you pain.



Locally hand-crafted. These Invigorate & Heal roll-ons are great. They contain 100mg of Full Spectrum distillate and will penetrate skin, muscles & joints

Ingredients used are:
  • Olive oil
  • Full-spectrum Distillate
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Essential Oils (black pepper, eucalyptus, lavender & peppermint)
Benefits of Full Spectrum Healing Roll On 
  • Brings you effective and faster results.
  • Best for treating the soreness building around muscles, inflammation, skin infections.
  • Apply where required and it takes just a little amount that preserves the lotion to keep going for long.
  • The liquidated form helps traveling faster through the body to reach the core of pores for the healing procedure to get started quickly.
  • Roll on reaches the impossible areas where you cannot rub the hands.
  • A must-to use after every yoga class to make your body feel relieved.
  • The perfect solution for athletes to get healed quickly.

Get the Full Spectrum Healing Roll On at your disposal where you do not need to gain the attention. 

This roll on packed-bottle allows to use it wherever you are, and whenever you need it without anyone noticing you.

Make it part of your pocket and keep yourself in good health!


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