Hemp Healing Salve

Experiencing the sore muscles, pain in joints, inflammation or more but there is no need to keep suffering.

The answer to the quick treatment is packed inside the bottle of 600mg quantified Hemp Healing Salve that is filled with high-quality and the full-spectrum hemp oil.

Apply it on the sore and inflamed areas or where you are feeling the pain for the effective and quicker relief and forget the feel of pain in few minutes.




Our healing salve is a customer and staff favorite! Although small in structure, it is packed with 600mg of Full Spectrum hemp oil! A great spot treatment for sore muscles or if you are experiencing inflammation.

Benefits of Hemp Healing Salve

  • Reduces the visibility of scar tissues on the skin after recovering from injury, surgery or caused by acne. Even the people with a heart attack; they are prone to get the scar tissue developed around the heart and Hemp Healing Salve is quite a solution for them to get rid of it.
  • Provides natural relief to psoriasis, eczema and other skin-related disorders that produce the itchy and sore conditions.
  • Works as the best ointment to deal with dermatitis and burns. Use it for some time and you would not notice if you had anything around the skin’s area.
  • Fixes the crust of nose and the face thanks to its ingredients which provide the perfect moisturizing solution.
  • The any-time-needed quick pain relief solution for athletes.

And it can do much more!

When you have nothing around in the time of pain, the Hemp Healing Salve acts as your doctor to put down the intensity of pain to feel quite relieved.

Always have it placed close to your reach!

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