Hemp Healing Salve




From the farms, plants are processed locally, using whole plant extracts. As a result, you get

Full Spectrum product.  The vast majority of our products are manufactured with full-spectrum crude oil and distillate. This is one of those rare cases where more is better. Crude and distillate have a whole lot more of the good stuff than any isolate, regardless of source.”

As part of our product development process, we spent a good bit of time researching the currently offered products and their ingredients,”. “Simply put, there are a ton of scams happening in this industry, and unfortunately, many consumers are being taken advantage of.”

We are a communal family made up of farmers and friends, movers and shakers. We are dedicated to bringing you, our customers, and quality products from seed to sale. We proudly work toward the grander purpose of revitalizing our agricultural community and serving as an example of innovative teamwork.

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